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Emperor Jahangir, The: Power and Kingship in Mughal India

Balabanlilar, Lisa

978 1 78076 884 7
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Publication date:
30 January 2020

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Jahangir was the fourth of the 'Great Six' Mughal Emperors. The son of Akbar the Great, who extended the Mughal Empire across the Indian Subcontinent, and the father of Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal, Jahangir's important role in building a Mughal cultural identity has been neglected. Jahangir was a great lover of art, and Mughal painting reached new heights under his patronage. He was also a patron of the sciences, and the world's first seamless celestial globe was created under his reign. Seeking to uncover the man behind the figurehead, and taking an in-depth new look at Jahangir's personal memoirs, the Jahangirnama, The Emperor Jahangir reveals in detail Jahangir's battles with alcoholism and opium addiction, his struggles for power, his defence of kingship and courtly manners and his dealings with the rebellion led by his first son, Khusraw, whose uprising he crushed in 1605. This is one of the golden ages of the early modern world, and this book sheds new light on a remarkable historical figure.


Lisa Balabanlilar is Assistant Professor of South and Central Asian History at Rice University, Texas. She is the author of Imperial Identity in the Mughal Empire (IBT, 2012)



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