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Elite North Korean Defectors in South Korea

Choi, Sheena

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Publication date:
30 November 2017

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Many of the defectors from North Korea to South Korea are elite people, who had privileged lives in North Korea. Many of these were North Koreans studying in Eastern Europe around the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and who defected at that time. These people, marked out as high flyers by the North Korean regime, have high levels of social and cultural capital, and have risen to positions of leadership and authority in South Korea. This book, which presents detailed case studies of individual North Korean defectors, explores the reasons for their defection, examines how they have adjusted to life in South Korea, and discusses the implications in all this for national reunification.

Table of contents: 

* Introduction * North Korean Royal Serving in Enemy Camp: Kang Myeong-do * Son of a North Korean Meritorious Retainer Turned Into a South Korean CEO: Joen Cheol-woo * In Pursuit of Musical Freedom: Kim Cheol-woong * From Yo-dok Prison Camp to Broadway: Jung Sung-san * The Saint of North Korean Refugees: Kim Yong-hwa * Is North Korean Cuisine an Oxymoron?: Lee Ae-ran and others * The First North Korean Defector Assemblyman in South Korea: Cho Myeong-cheol * The Aquariums of Pyongyang, Balloon Leaflets, and Radio Free Asia: Engagement with North Korea: Kang Cheol-hwan, Lee Min-bok, and Kim Sung-min * Conclusion


Sheena Choi is an Associate Professor in the College of Education and Public Policy at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne, Indiana



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