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Economic Development Patterns, Inflations, and Distributions: With Application to Korea (ROK) and Taiwan (ROC)

Lim, Byung Ok

978 0 429 76730 2
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Publication date:
15 December 2018

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The focal point of this study, first published in 1991, is to investigate the effect of growth patterns on inflation and the distribution of income through inductive examination of the particular experiences in Korea and Taiwan. Both countries are regarded as models of successful industrialization, but contrast significantly in the matter of their development strategy yielding a more equitable distribution of income, along with a moderate inflation from the benefits of economic growth. Korea experienced considerable rates of inflation and a worsening of the distribution of income, while Taiwan avoided both economic evils. This book analyses how Taiwan's economy managed to reconcile growth with inflation and distribution and why Korea could not achieve similar performance.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. Factor Growth 3. The Effects of Changes in Factors on Economic Growth 4. The Growth and Functional Distribution in Non Agricultural Economy 5. The Growth and Household Distribution of Income (HID) 6. Summary and Conclusions




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