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East Asia's New Democracies

Chu, Yin-Wah
Wong, Siu-lun

978 0 415 49930 9
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Publication date:
14 February 2010

Short description: 

A number of countries in East and Southeast Asia made the difficult transition to democracy. This book examines their achievements and looming problems, but juxtaposes their experiences with theoretical discussion of the third wave of democratization and democracy in general.

Table of contents: 

1. East Asia's New Democracies Yin-wah Chu and Siu-lun Wong 2. The Third Wave Reversed? Takashi Inoguchi and Satoru Mikami 3. Rule of Law and Democracy Randall Peerenboom 4. Group Rights and Democracy in Southeast Asia Chua Beng-huat 5. Financing Social Policy in Industrial East Asia Joseph Wong 6. Devolution and Democracy Ledivina V. Carino 7. Democratization and International Relations in Asia Amitav Acharya 8. Modernization and Democratization Mark R. Thompson 9.: Lessons from Thailand's Return to Military Rule Kevin Hewison 10. The Development and Change of Korean Democracy Hyug-Baeg Im 11. Civil Society and Democracy-Making in Taiwan Hsin-huang Michael Hsiao 12. Korean Democratization Bruce Cumings 13. Social and Political Developments in China Jude Howell


Hong Kong Baptist University University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong



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