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Digital Media and Informal Cultures in China

Zhao, Elaine Jing

978 1 351 70188 4
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Publication date:
31 May 2019

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Digital media in China is at the same time both structured, formal and government-sponsored and also amateur, informal and market-driven. Based on extensive original research including anthropological research, this book explores the tensions between these two different ways of looking at digital media in China. It examines particular technologies such as smart phones and mobile apps, outlining their technological capacities and the market for them. It then considers the actual usage of such technologies, such as the posting of on-line videos and the take-up of mobile taxi apps. Overall, the book provides a rich picture of the culture of digital media and indicates how digital media in China is likely to develop going forward.


Elaine Jing Zhao is a Lecturer in the School of the Arts and Media at the University of New South Wales




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