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Development and Large-scale mining in the Asia-Pacific: Unearthing Development

Banks, Glenn (Massey University, New Zealand)

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Publication date:
30 March 2019

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Large-scale mining is one of the most controversial contemporary development enterprises in the Asia-Pacific. Despite a number of high-profile social, environmental and human rights controversies connected with the mining industry, it continues to be an integral part of the economies and development planning of most countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Focusing on Melanesia, this book looks at a range of issues connected with the mining industry that resonate across the region, relating to environment, corporations, labour, economy, and community. The book presents a rigorous framework for understanding the local effects and responses to the resource extraction operations, building on the existing literature of mining impacts to provide a grounded theoretical approach towards large-scale mining in Melanesia. It uses the insights into the processes of change associated with these large-scale mines to inform current broader debates around development and development processes. The book goes on to argue that the structural representations of the relationship between mining multinationals and local communities which have been used as the basis for policy development, political action and activism over the past decade are no longer appropriate in understanding the nature of the issues at stake. Providing an original and important contribution to debates around resource extraction in the Asia-Pacific region, the book is of use to students and scholars of Asian Studies, Geography and Environment.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction 2. A framework for understanding: beyond the development and post-development impasses 3. Context matters 4. Mining and Environment: Fertile Ground 5. Economy: flows and processes 6. Society: transformations and strategy 7. Mining and Development 8. Afterword: Mining as Development?


Glenn Banks is Associate Professor in the Institute of Development Studies at Massey University, New Zealand.




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