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Culture and Politics in South Asia: Performative Communication

Dev Nath Pathak, and
Sasanka Perera

978 1 13820 113 2
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18 July 2017

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This volume looks at the politics of communication and culture in contemporary South Asia. It explores languages, signs and symbols reflective of current mythologies that underpin instances of performance in present-day India and its neighbouring countries. From gender performances and stage depictions to protest movements, folk songs to cinematic reconstructions and elections to war-torn regions, the chapters in the book bring the multiple voices embedded within the grand theatre of popular performance and the cultural landscape of the region to the fore.

Breaking new ground, this work will prove useful to students and researchers in sociology and social anthropology, art and performance studies, political studies and international relations, communication and media studies and culture studies.


Dev Nath Pathak is Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology at South Asian University, New Delhi, India.

Sasanka Perera is Professor, Department of Sociology and Vice President at South Asian University, New Delhi, India.



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