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Culture and the Environment in the Himalaya

Guneratne, Arjun

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Publication date:
2 December 2009

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Drawing on Himalayan ethnography to interrogate and critique contemporary theorizing about the environment, this book examines how the environment is conceptualized among different social groups in the region. It introduces the thinking in environmental anthropology and geography into the study of the Himalaya.

Table of contents: 

List of Figures and Tables Preface and acknowledgements Note to the Reader Introduction - Arjun Guneratne 1. Downward Spiral? Interrogating Narratives of Environmental Change in the Himalaya - John J. Metz 2. Healing Landscapes: Sacred and Rational Nature in Nepal's Ayurvedic Medicine - Mary Cameron 3. Perceptions of Forests Amongst the Yakkha of East Nepal: Exploring the Social and Cultural Context - Andrew Russell 4. A Forest Community or Community Forestry? Beliefs, Meanings and Nature in North-Western Nepal - Andrea Nightingale 5. Where God's Children Live: Symbolizing Forests in Nepal - Jana Fortier 6. Clear Mountains, Blurred Horizons: Limbu Perceptions of Their Physical World - T. B. Subba 7. The Role of Religion in Conservation and Degradation of Forests: Examples from the Kumaun Himalaya - Safia Aggarwal 8. The Abuse of Religion and Ecology: The Vishva Hindu Parishad and Tehri Dam - Emma Mawdsley 9. Restoration and Revival: Remembering the Bagmati Civilization - Anne M. Rademacher 10. Beyond Cultural Models of the Environment: Linking Subjectivities of Dwelling and Power - Ben Campbell Bibliography List of Contributors


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