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Contract Law - China and Europe Compared

Smits, Jan M.
Han, Shiyuan
Lei, Chen
Kornet, Nicole

978 0 415 83061 4
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Publication date:
31 May 2018

Full description: 

This book investigates contract law in China and Europe in a comparative and cross-cultural perspective. It develops a methodological framework for comparison of Chinese and European law, and applies this framework to the field of contract law. Written by researchers and experts in the field, the book addresses topics such as contract law, formation of contract, contents and interpretation, avoidance of contracts, remedies and sale of goods. It is the first substantive comparison of contract law in China and the European Union, and the methodology can be used for comparison among Chinese and European law in other fields as well.

Table of contents: 

1. Introduction Jan Smits and Prof. dr Shiyuan Han 2. Background to contract law in Europe and China Jan Smits and Dr Lei Chen 3. General principles of contract law in Europe and China Laura McGregor and Dr Junwei Fu 4. Formation of contract Pascal Pichonnaz and Dr Lin Geng 5. Contents of the contract Nicole Kornet and Dr Jinqiang Ye 6. Avoidance of contracts and void contracts Ilse Samoy, Tam Dang Vu and Dr Lei Chen 7. Remedies (performance and damages for breach) Gary Low and Shiyuan Han 8. Remedies (termination, withholding performance, change of circumstances, penalty clauses) Jacques Du Plessis and Dr Keke Jin 9. Sale of Goods Nicole Kornet and Shigang Li


Chen Lei is Assistant Professor in the School of Law at City University of Hong Kong.




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