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China's Encounters on the South and Southwest: Reforging the Fiery Frontier Over Two Millennia

James A. Anderson and
John K. Whitmore

978 90 04 21890 1
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Publication date:
6 November 2014

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China's Encounters on the South and Southwest. Reforging the Fiery Frontier Over Two Millennia describes the southern periphery of China and the many local and state agents acting first to shift and then to shape this territory over two thousand years, mainly by land but now by sea.

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'China's Encounters on the South and Southwest' discusses the mountainous territory between lowland China and Southeast Asia, what we term the Dong world, and varied encounters by China with this world's many elements. The essays describe such encounters over the past two millennia and note various asymmetric relations that have resulted therefrom. Local populations, indigenous chiefs, state officials, and rulers have all acted to shape this frontier, especially after the Mongol incursions of the thirteenth century drastically shifted it.


John K. Whitmore, Ph.D. (1968), Cornell University, has taught at Yale University, the University of Michigan, and UCLA and has published articles on the histories of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. His most recent project has been Sources of Vietnamese Tradition (2012).

James A. Anderson, Ph.D. (1999), University of Washington, is an Associate Professor in the History Department at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His most recent book is the co-edited volume The Tongking Gulf Through History (2011).




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