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China and the Barbarians: Resisting the Western World Order

Nordholt, Hendrik Schulte

978 90 8728 278 3
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15 August 2018

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China’s development over the centuries has purposely diverged from that of the West in terms of language, philosophy, and history, and for many decades its nationalism created a form of isolationism. In order to maintain its influence the Chinese Communist Party has created the myth that, without the Party, China could not have returned to the world stage and that, without the Party, the “territorial integrity” of the country cannot be restored. But what does this “restored” China look like? To answer, Henk Schulte Nordholt examines how Beijing’s regional policy is causing structural tensions between China and most of the countries located in East and Southeast Asia, and also, indirectly, their ally the United States. In China and the Barbarians, Nordholt offers his analysis of the possible trajectory of China’s internal political and cultural developments in the coming years.


Henk Schulte Nordholt is a sinologist. He has lectured on China for over 20 years, based on his own experiences of living and working in China.



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