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Change, Continuity and Complexity: The Mahavidyas in East Indian Sakta Traditions

Shin, Jae Eun

978 1 351 36358 7
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Publication date:
1 October 2018

Table of contents: 

Introduction 1. Vidyas and Mahavidyas 2. Tantric and Brahmanical 3. Text and Context II. Grouping of Multiple Feminine Divinities 1. Matrkas: Fearsome Autochthonous Goddesses in Brahmanical Traditions 2. Yoginis: Bearers of Magical Power in Tantric Traditions 3. Vidyas: Embodiment of Mystical Knowledge in Shramanic Traditions III. Making of the Mahavidyas in the Sakta Upapuranas and Tantras in Eastern India 1. Expanded Realm and Enhanced Presence of Brahmanas 2. Transfiguration of the Mahavidyas in Cosmic Dimension 3. Systematization of the Mahavidyas in Domestic Setting IV. Locating of the Mahavidyas at the Sacred Landscape 1. The Goddess Kamakhya and Political Powers in Kamarupa 2. Sakta Pithas as a Religious Network in Early Medieval East India 3. Ten Mahavidyas in the Most Renowned Sakta Centre V. Conclusion 1. Antecedents of the Mahavidyas 2. Mahavidyas in Eastern Sakta Traditions 3. Socio-Religious Implication of the Mahavidyas




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