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Bullying and Violence in South Korea: From Home to School and Beyond: 2017

Bax, Trent

978 3 319 44611 0
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Publication date:
17 February 2017

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This book provides a fully-contextualised, multidisciplinary examination of bullying and violence in South Korean society. Bullying and violence has been a pressing societal issue since 2011, having been labelled as a 'social evil' to be eradicated by the government. However, the issue has been incorrectly confined to schools when in fact it is widespread in society and in professional settings, as Bax argues in this original new text. Through twenty in-depth case studies and original case material from a Juvenile Detention Centre, Bax examines the historical, cultural, political and social contexts of bullying and violence to better understand the nature of these crimes, the perpetrators, and how they come together in the broader cultural landscape within which the individual, the family, the school and the community are embedded.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1. Introduction - South Korea's Young, How Are You Doing?.- Chapter 2. The Initial Spark - A Contemporary History of School Violence.- Chapter 3. The Fuel - Consumer Culture, Exclusion, Ethics & Idols.- Chapter 4. The Fire - Bullying & Violence by Adults at Work.- Chapter 5. The Explosion - Political & Personal Reactions to School Violence.


Trent Bax is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at Ewha Womans University. Trent's teaching and research interest is in the area of deviance and social control. He is the author of the book Youth and Internet Addiction in China.




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