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Buddha to Krishna: Life and Times of a South Asian Artist

Dalmia, Yashodhara

978 1 138 23272 3
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Publication date:
15 December 2016

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This book traces the emergence of modernism in art in South Asia by exploring the work of the iconic artist George Keyt. Closely interwoven with his life, Keyt's art reflects the struggle and triumph of an artist with very little support or infrastructure. He painted as he lived, full of colour, turmoil and intensity. In this compelling account, the author examines the eventful course of his journey, bringing to light unknown and startling facts: the personal ferment that Keyt went through because of his tumultuous relationships with women; his close involvement with social events in India and Sri Lanka on the threshold of Independence; and his somewhat angular engagement with artists of the 43 Group. A collector's delight, including colour plates and black-and-white photographs, reminiscences and intimate correspondences, this book reveals the portrait of an artist among the most charismatic figures of our times. It will interest scholars and researchers of art and art history, modern South Asian studies, sociology, cultural studies as well as art aficionados.

Table of contents: 

Illustrations Acknowledgements Preface 1. A Fine Star 2. Valley of Romance 3. Away and Beyond 4. Buddhism and Sensuality 5. The 43Group and Modernism Unfolds 6. The Indian Journey 7. Manike's Saga 8. Martin's Journey 9. Internationalism and Fame 10. New Pastures, Fecund Fields 11. The Final Years 12. The Flaming Torch Index


Yashodhara Dalmia is an art historian and independent curator based in New Delhi, India. She has written several books including Amrita Sher-Gil - A Life (2006) that received widespread international acclaim. She is also the author of The Making of Modern Indian Art: The Progressives (2001) and Journeys: Four Generations of Indian Artists (2011). She has curated many art shows with the most recent being the centenary show Amrita Sher-Gil: The Passionate Quest at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru in 2014.




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