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Beyond Borders: Indians, Australians and the Indonesian Revolution, 1939 to 1950

Goodall, Heather

978 94 6298 145 4
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Publication date:
17 September 2018

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This book rediscovers an intense internationalism-and charts its loss-in the Indonesian Revolution.

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internationalism, India, Australia, Indonesia, decolonisation.

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Preface[-] Glossary[-] Abbreviations [-][-][-] Part I: Seeing the Region[-][-]1 Everybody's Revolution [-]2 Connections and Mobility[-][-][-] Part II: An Asian War[-][-]3 Dangerous Oceans: Merchant Seamen and War [-]4 Home and Away: Invaded, Under Arms or Exiled [-]5 Sharing the Home Front: Wartime Australia as Transnational Space[-][-][-] Part III: The Boycott of Dutch Shipping[-][-]6 Boycotting Colonialism: Supporting Indonesian Independence in Australia [-]7 Seeing the Boycott in the Australian Press [-]8 Indian Perspectives: The Boycott as Anti-Colonialism[-][-][-] Part IV: Fighting Two Empires[-][-]9 'Surabaya Burns': Assault on a Republican city [-] 10 Frenzied Fanatics: Seeing Surabaya in Australia[-]11 The Acid Test: Seeing Surabaya in India [-][-][-] Part V: Aftermath [-][-]12 Breaking the Boycott [-] 13 Trading for Freedom [-]14 Transnational Visions [-][-][-] Part VI: Reflections[-] [-]15 Remembering Heroes [-][-][-]Bibliography[-]Index[-]


Professor Heather Goodall, UTS, award-winning historian of Australian Indigenous people, environment, migrancy and decolonization. Her books include Invasion to Embassy (1996); Isabel Flick: Many Lives (2004); Rivers and Resilience (2009); Waters of Belonging: Al-miyahu Tajma'unah (2012); Making Change Happen (2013).




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