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Asian Women Leadership: A Cross-National and Cross-Sector Comparison

Chin Chung Chao
Louisa Ha

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19 August 2019

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This book is an interdisciplinary anthology grounded in scholarly research that offers a concise but in-depth examination and exposition of leadership that help readers better grasp the basics of the various aspects of Asian leadership and examines the practices of Asian women leadership across sectors in Asian and western countries.

While many leadership books effectively describe leadership styles and/or outline various approaches to leadership, this book focuses on Asian women leadership and illustrates performed styles, experiences, opportunities, challenges and management strategies across sectors ranging from higher education, business, nonprofit organizations, the media industry, politics and social movement to immigration using both quantitative and qualitative approaches.

It can serve as a handy reference for aspiring women leaders, academic researchers, general readers and students who want to study Asian women leadership, work in Asian societies and/or work with Asians.

Table of contents: 

Part I: Introduction

1. Introduction to Asian Women Leadership (Chin-Chung Chao and Louisa Ha)

Part II: Asian Women Leadership in Academe

2. Leadership Style and Success Experience of Chinese Women Academic Leaders in China, Taiwan and the United States (Louisa Ha, Nicky Chang Bi and Fiouna Ruonan Zhang)

3. Breaking the Bamboo and Glass Ceilings: Challenges and Opportunities for Asian and Asian American Women Faculty Leaders (Lisa Hanasono, Julia Matuga, and Margaret "Peg" Yacobucci)

Part III: Asian Women Leadership in Politics and Social Movement

4. The Rise and Downfall of Dynastic Female Leaders in Asia (Mark Thompson)

5. The "First" First Lady of China and the "First Black" First Lady of America in the Media’s Portrayal (Chin-Chung Chao and Yahui Zhang)

6. Unnie Comes Out: Conceptualizing Egalitarian Leadership Among South Korean Women (Young Eun Moon and Hwan Hee Kim)

7. Soong Ching-ling and Soong Mei-ling: For the Love of One Motherland (Qi Wang)

Part IV: Asian Women Leadership in News Media

8. Female Leadership in Vietnam: Traditional Gender Norm, Quota and Media (Hong Tien Vu)

9. Women Leaders in India’s Newsrooms: Challenges & Perspectives (Dhiman Chattopadhyay and Sriya Chattopadhyay)

Part V: Asian Women Leadership in Business, Non-Profit Organizations and Rural Communities

10. A Pentadic Analysis: Realism, Idealism and Mysticism of Chinese Female Leadership (Yahui Zhang)

11. Gender and Career Development in Nonprofit Organizations: Comparative Study of Female Leadership in China, South Africa, and the U.S. (Ming Xie and Minghui Pang)

12. Cultivating Leadership among Indian Women in Climate Change Adaptation (Peggy Christoff, Aidee S. Davila, Jasmeet Kaur, and Jamie Sommer)

Part VI: Asian Women Leaders as Immigrants and Minorities

13. Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling and Reframing Success: Perspectives from Professional Chinese Immigrant Women on Work, Life, and Leadership (Qi Tang)

14. Asian American and Hong Kong Chinese Women Leaders (Jean Chin Lau)

15. Future Outlook of Asian Women Leadership and Research Directions (Louisa Ha and Chin-Chung Chao)


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