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Art of Neighbouring, The: Making Relations Across China's Borders

Zhang, Juan
Saxer, Martin

978 94 6298 258 1
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Publication date:
3 January 2017

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This book gathers contributors from a range of disciplines to look at how people in China's borderland areas are actively engaging in making relationships across the border, and how those interactions are shaping life in the region.

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Borders, Asia, China, Anthropology

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Introduction[-]Neighbouring in the Borderworlds along China's Frontiers[-]Juan Zhang and Martin Saxer[-][-]Chapter 1[-]Bright Lights Across the River: Competing Modernities at China's Edge[-]Franck Bill�[-][-]Chapter 2[-]Realms of Free Trade, Enclaves of Order: Chinese-Built 'Instant Cities' in Northern Laos[-]P�l Ny�ri[-][-]Chapter 3[-]New Roads, Old Trades: Neighbouring China in Northwestern Nepal[-]Martin Saxer[-][-]Chapter 4[-]Trading on Change: Bazaars and Social Transformation in the Borderlands of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Xinjiang[-]Henryk Alff[-][-]Chapter 5[-]A World Community of Neighbours in the Making: Resource Cosmopolitics and Mongolia's 'Third Neighbour' Diplomacy[-]Uradyn E. Bulag[-][-]Chapter 6[-]The Mobile and the Material in the Himalayan Borderlands[-]Tina Harris[-][-]Chapter 7[-]Odd Neighbours: Trans-Himalayan Tibetan Itineraries and Chinese Economic Development[-]Chris Vasantkumar[-][-]Chapter 8[-]'China Is Paradise': Fortune and Refuge, Brokers and Partners, or the Migration Trajectories of Burmese Muslims toward the Yunnan Borderlands[-]Renaud Egreteau[-][-]Chapter 9[-]Neighbouring in Anxiety along the China-Vietnam Border[-]Juan Zhang[-][-]Chapter 10[-]China's Animal Neighbours[-]Magnus Fiskesj�[-][-]Bibliography[-][-]


Juan Zhang is Lecturer in Sociology at the University of New England in Australia. Her work focuses on cross-border mobilities, and transgressive politics in cross-border encounters.|Martin Saxer was a Clarendon scholar at Oxford and received his doctorate in 2010. He conducted extensive fieldwork in Siberia, Tibet and Nepal. He currently leads the ERC Starting Grant project Remoteness & Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World.




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