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Art of the Land of Maharajas - Indian Jewellery and Arms of the XVII - XIX Centuries from Alexander Feldman's Collection

Sivachenko, Eugene
Bulgakowa, Victoria

978 3 7774 2229 9
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Publication date:
8 June 2018

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Art of the Land of the Maharajas presents readers with a selection of the most remarkable Indian jewelry and weaponry dating from the seventeenth to the early twentieth-century. Unsurpassed in detail and craftsmanship, the one hundred pieces in this lavishly illustrated volume form the private collection of Alexander Feldman. Most prominently represented in the Feldman collection are pieces created in the Indo-Islamic tradition, which reached its peak during the Mughal Empire. For each piece in the collection, the reader is provided with a detailed description introducing its historical and cultural context, and more than 250 full-color reproductions and fascinating close-up photographs make the book indispensable for dealers and collectors focusing on this rich period of artistic production. The book also includes a glossary of terms commonly used in describing the pieces.


Eugene Sivachenko is a curator at the Feldman Family Museum in Kharkov, Ukraine. Victoria Bulgakova is a freelance archeologist and historian living in Berlin.




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