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Angel of the Dump: One woman's struggle for the garbage pickers of Manila

Walker, Jane, MBE

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Publication date:
20 September 2018

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Angel of the Dump tells the remarkable story of Jane Walker. Jane had developed anorexia and attempted suicide by the age of twelve. By fifteen, having been asked by her parents to leave home, she found herself on the street where her life quickly spiraled out of control. When a friendly neighbor took her to church she made a commitment to God and for a season her newfound celebrity status within the church bolstered her crushed ego. But it wasn't enough. She found a job in the newspaper industry and quickly rose through the ranks while running scams and drug deals on the side. Eventually, desperate, she turned back to God declaring that she would do anything for him just so long as He changed her life. Days later she started to think about the Philippines. Flying to Manila, she found her way to an enormous beachside dump, Pier 18, where hundreds scavenged the waste. There she saw the faces of children that told a familiar story - abandonment and rejection, powerlessness and hopelessness. And in those faces she found her life's call. She had to do something. She set to work, picking rubbish with the children, raising funds, engaging a pastor, nurse and schoolteacher, setting up the Philippines Community Fund, praying hard. A businessman paid her travel. A school was constructed from shipping containers and a church began. It is now 1500 strong. Between the education, feeding, and health programmes over 50,000 people are helped every year. Child labor has ended and families are moving off the site. This is a truly inspiring story of the difference one individual can make when they are totally surrendered to God.


Jane Walker is chief executive of the Philippines Community Fund.




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