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Motherhood and Work in Contemporary Japan

Junko, Nishimura (Meisei University, Japan)

978 0 8153 6876 2
Publication date:
25 October 2017

Managing Social Change and Social Policy in Greater China: Welfare Regimes in Transition

Mok, Ka Ho (Lingnan University, Hong Kong)
Lau, Maggie K. W. (City University of Hong Kong)

978 1 138 57918 7
Publication date:
14 October 2017

Rethinking Japanese Studies: Eurocentrism and the Asia-Pacific Region

Okano, Kaori (School of Social Sciences, La Trobe University, Australia)
Sugimoto, Yoshio (La Trobe University, Australia.)

978 1 351 65495 1
Publication date:
7 August 2017

Social Construction In Contemporary China

Lu, Xueyi (Chinese Academy Of Social Sciences, China)
Li, Yanling (Social Sciences Academic Press, China)

978 981 320 669 4
Publication date:
24 May 2017

My Sweet Home: Childhood Stories from a Corner of the City

Mishra, Samina
Dastur, Sherna
Okhla, Children of

978 93 85360 19 0
Publication date:
15 May 2017


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