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Gender studies

Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia

Fernandes, Leela (University of Michigan, USA)

978 1 138 31255 5
Publication date:
16 June 2018

Gender, Health, and History in Modern East Asia

Leung, Angela Ki Che
Nakayama, Izumi

978 988 8390 90 8
Publication date:
6 March 2018

Rethinking Japanese Feminisms

Bullock, Julia C.
Kano, Ayako
Welker, James
Faison, Elyssa
Frederick, Sarah
Hemmann, Kathryn
McMorran, Chris
Seo, Akwi
Maxson, Hillary
Shigematsu, Setsu

978 0 8248 6669 3
Publication date:
30 December 2017

Transcendents: Spirit Mediums in Burma and Thailand

Photographs by:
Pathy Allen, Mariette
Drucker, Zackary
Coleman, Eli

978 1 942084 43 3
Publication date:
14 November 2017

Practicing Feminism in South Korea: The women's movement against sexual violence

Jung, Kyungja (University of Technology Sydney, Australia)

978 0 8153 7460 2
Publication date:
13 October 2017

Gender, Nation and State in Modern Japan

Germer, Andrea (German Institute for Japanese Studies, Japan)
Mackie, Vera (University of Wollongong, Australia)
Wohr, Ulrike (Hiroshima City University, Japan)

978 1 138 57370 3
Publication date:
3 October 2017


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