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Ethnic studies

Secularism, Decolonisation, and the Cold War in South and Southeast Asia

Six, Clemens (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

978 1 351 68478 1
Publication date:
17 August 2017

Ethnic China: Identity, Assimilation, and Resistance

Li, Xiaobing
Shan, Patrick Fuliang

978 1 4985 0730 1
Publication date:
20 July 2017

China Ethnic Statistical Yearbook 2016

Guo, Rongxing

978 3 319 49198 1
Publication date:
5 May 2017

Romanticism's Child: An Intellectual History of James Tod's Influence on Indian History and Historiography

Rudolph, Lloyd I. (Professor of Political Science Emeritus, University of Chicago)
Rudolph, Susanne Hoeber (Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago)

978 0 19 946589 7
Publication date:
30 March 2017


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