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Constitution: government & the state

Broken Ladder, The: The Paradox and Potential of India's One-Billion

Krishna, Anirudh (Duke University, North Carolina)

978 1 108 41592 7
Publication date:
31 January 2018

State Management of Religion in Malaysia

Seo, Myengkyo

978 1 138 77595 4
Publication date:
30 November 2017

To Govern China: Evolving Practices of Power

Shue, Vivienne (University of Oxford)
Thornton, Patricia M. (University of Oxford)

978 1 107 19352 9
Publication date:
26 October 2017

Authoritarian Legality in China: Law, Workers, and the State

Gallagher, Mary Elizabeth (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor)

978 1 107 08377 6
Publication date:
7 September 2017

Political Development of Modern Thailand, The

Ferrara, Federico (City University of Hong Kong)

978 1 107 65729 8
Publication date:
16 March 2017

China's Governance Puzzle: Enabling Transparency and Participation in a Single-Party State

Malesky, Edmund J.
Stromseth, Jonathan R.
Gueorguiev, Dimitar D.
Hairong, Lai
Wang, Xixin
Brinton, Carl

978 1 107 12263 5
Publication date:
9 March 2017


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