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Civil rights & citizenship

Civilising Citizens in Post-Mao China: Understanding the Rhetoric of Suzhi

Lin, Delia (University of Adelaide, Australia)

978 1 315 43714 9
Publication date:
5 July 2017

Malaysia's New Ethnoscapes and Ways of Belonging

Lee, Julian C. H.

978 1 138 08799 6
Publication date:
7 June 2017

Cultural Citizenship in India: Politics, Power, and Media

Konig, Lion

978 0 19 946631 3
Publication date:
1 December 2016

Citizenship and Democratization in Southeast Asia

Volume editor:
Berenschot, Ward
Schulte Nordholt, H. G. C.
Bakker, Laurens

978 90 04 32777 1
Publication date:
25 November 2016

Subjects, Citizens and Law: Colonial and Independent India

Cederlof, Gunnel
Das Gupta, Sanjukta

978 1 138 22844 3
Publication date:
28 October 2016

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