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50 Years Of Asean And Singapore

Seah, Sharon Li-Lian (Nus, Singapore)
Koh, Tommy (Ministry Of Foreign Affairs, S'pore)
Chang, Li Lin (Prime Minister's Office, S'pore)

978 981 322 511 4
Publication date:
28 September 2017

ASEAN Reinvented: From Crisis to Community and Charter

Tay, Simon

978 0 415 64129 6
Publication date:
31 July 2017

China and the Group 20

Schlager, Catrina
Chen, Dongxiao
Qin, Jiachen

978 1 938134 89 0
Publication date:
29 January 2017

China And The Group 20: The Interplay Between A Rising Power And An Emerging Institution

Qin, Jiachen (Shanghai People's Publishing House, China)
Schlager, Catrina (Friedrich-ebert-stiftung, Germany)
Chen, Dongxiao (Shanghai Inst For Int'l Studies, China)

978 1 938134 89 0
Publication date:
1 December 2016

India-Brazil-South Africa Dialogue Forum (IBSA): The Rise of the Global South

Stuenkel, Oliver (Global Public Policy Institute (GPPi), Germany.)

978 1 138 28803 4
Publication date:
31 October 2016

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