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Organization & management of education

Deciphering Chinese School Leadership: Conceptualisations, Context and Complexities

Walker, Allan (The Education University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Qian, Haiyan (Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong)

978 1 317 35192 4
Publication date:
13 October 2017

Education in South Asia and the Indian Ocean Islands

Letchamanan, Hema (University of Cambridge, UK)
Dhar, Debotri (University of Michigan, USA)
Brock, Colin (University of Durham, UK)

978 1 4742 4429 9
Publication date:
21 September 2017

Insights on Education Reform in China

Nian, Zhiying (Beijing Institute for Lifelong Learning, Beijing Normal University, China)
Qinhua, Zheng (Beijing Institute for Lifelong Learning, Beijing Normal University, China)
Chen, Li (Beijing Institute for Lifelong Learning, Beijing Normal University, China)

978 87 93379 64 0
Publication date:
31 August 2017

Handbook of Education in China

Morgan, W. John
Gu, Qing
Li, Fengliang

978 1 78347 065 5
Publication date:
25 August 2017

Globalization and Japanese Exceptionalism in Education: Insider's Views into a Changing System

Tsuneyoshi, Ryoko (The University of Tokyo, Japan 5/1/2014 Creditor advises that : the bank account is regular (futsu) in Japanese, which we assume to be a currnet a/c.)

978 1 138 91535 0
Publication date:
14 August 2017


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