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Area / regional studies

East and Southeast Asia 2017-2018

Leibo, Steven A.

978 1 4758 3522 9
Publication date:
4 August 2017

Crossroads of Civilisations, The: Vol 3

Litvinsky, B.A.
Guang-da, Zhang
Samghabadi, R. Shabani

978 81 208 1540 7
Publication date:
1 August 2017

Culture Politics and Linguistic Recognition in Taiwan

Dupre, Jean-Francois

978 1 138 64317 8
Publication date:
31 March 2017

India in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know

Kamdar, Mira (Senior Fellow at the World Policy Institute and an Associate Fellow at the Asia Society)

978 0 19 997359 0
Publication date:
1 January 2017


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