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Labour economics

Informal Labour in Urban India: Three Cities, Three Journeys

Barnes, Tom (Institute for Religion, Politics and Society, Australian Catholic University)

978 1 138 49226 4
Publication date:
22 January 2018

Employment and Re-Industrialization in Post Soeharto Indonesia

Tadjoeddin, M.
Chowdhury, Anis

978 1 137 50565 1
Publication date:
6 December 2017

Remittance Income and Social Resilience among Migrant Households in Rural Bangladesh

Sikder, Mohammad Jalal Uddin
Higgins, Vaughan
Ballis, Peter Harry

978 1 137 59241 5
Publication date:
30 September 2017

Towards Industrial Democracy: Europe, Japan and the United States

Roberts, Benjamin Charles

978 1 351 36061 6
Publication date:
22 September 2017


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