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Management of land & natural resources

Water Policy in the Philippines: Issues, Initiatives, and Prospects

Rola, Agnes C.
Pulhin, Juan M.
Arcala Hall, Rosalie

978 3 319 70968 0
Publication date:
12 February 2018

China's Energy Security: A Multidimensional Perspective

Romano, Giulia C.
Meglio, Jean-Francois

978 0 8153 5598 4
Publication date:
22 December 2017

China's International Transboundary Rivers: Politics, Security and Diplomacy of Shared Water Resources

Xie, Lei (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
Shaofeng, Jia (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

978 1 134 97386 6
Publication date:
6 December 2017

Tajikistan: third review

United Nations Publications

978 92 1 117128 0
Publication date:
30 October 2017


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