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Art styles: c 1960 -

Abiding Buddha: The Sculpture of Tranquility

By (artist):
Joey, Xu Bin
Lucie-Smith, Edward

978 1 911604 34 1
Publication date:
1 June 2018

Tokyo Ghoul Illustrations: zakki

Ishida, Sui

978 1 4215 9692 1
Publication date:
10 December 2017

Printress of the Mughal Garden, The

Moitra, Bishwadeep
Tyabji, Laila
Dhamija, Jasleen
Crill, Rosemary
Jacque, Jacqueline Thome
Biehn, Michel
Reddy, Sheela
Singh, Chandramani
Menon, Sunil
Bartel, Aleta

978 93 85360 24 4
Publication date:
24 November 2017

Qu Leilei: A Chinese Artist in Britain

Liu, Yan
Kerr, Dr. Rose

978 1 910807 20 0
Publication date:
10 November 2017

Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World

Munroe, Alexandra
Tinari, Philip

978 0 89207 528 7
Publication date:
12 October 2017

Liu Wei the Younger: Colors

By (artist):
Wei, Liu
Bonami, Francesco
Hasegawa, Yuko
Lu, Mingjun
Shiming, Gao
Tinari, Philip
Zi, Yang

978 3 96098 058 2
Publication date:
1 July 2017

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