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Exhibition catalogues and specific collections

Japan in Early Photographs: The Aime Humbert Collection at the Museum of Ethnography, Neuchatel

Mayor, Gregoire
Mayor, Gregoire
Tani, Akiyoshi
Tani, Akiyoshi
Dallais, Phillippe

978 3 89790 027 1
Publication date:
27 September 2017

The Arts of Southeast Asia from the SOAS Collections

no image

Farouk Yahya

978 9 67571 929 5
Publication date:
15 September 2017

Shakir Ali and Lahore Art Circle: Naya Daur

Iqbal, Samina
Wille, Simone
Dadi, Iftikhar
Hashmi, Salima
Chightai, Sadaf

978 969 35 3031 5
Publication date:
10 July 2017

Kanban: Traditional Shop Signs of Japan

Pate, Alan Scott

978 0 691 17647 5
Publication date:
18 April 2017

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