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Sri Lanka (Ceylon)

Buddha to Krishna: Life and Times of George Keyt

Dalmia, Yashodhara

978 1 138 23272 3
Publication date:
12 December 2016

Promoting University-Industry Collaboration in Sri Lanka: Status, Case Studies, and Policy Options

Larsen, Kurt
World Bank
Bandara, Deepthi C.
Esham, Mohamed
Unantenne, Ranmini

978 1 4648 0922 4
Publication date:
30 September 2016

In Search of Bawa: Master Architect of Sri Lanka

Robson, David
Posingis, Sebastian

978 1 78067 913 6
Publication date:
15 September 2016

Enduring Violence: Everyday Life and Conflict in Eastern Sri Lanka

Series edited by:
Smith, Alexander
Walker, Rebecca

978 1 5261 0863 0
Publication date:
7 September 2016


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