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Central Asia

Dispelling the Darkness: A Jesuit's Quest for the Soul of Tibet

Lopez, Donald S, Jr
Jinpa, Thupten, PH D

978 0 674 65970 4
Publication date:
10 April 2017

Reorienting the Sasanians: East Iran in Late Antiquity

Rezakhani, Khodadad

978 1 4744 0029 9
Publication date:
31 March 2017

Sustainable Land Management in Central Asia: An Integrated and Regional Perspective

Squires, Victor R.
Lu, Qi
Weyerhaeuser, Horst
Wu, Bo
Foggin, J. Marc

978 1 138 93216 6
Publication date:
31 March 2017

Last Thousand, The: One School's Promise in a Nation at War

Stern, Jeffrey E, (Re

978 1 250 11643 7
Publication date:
7 March 2017

Investing in the Fight: Assessing the Use of the Commander's Emergency Response Program in Afghanistan

Egel, Daniel
Ries, Charles P
Connable, Ben
Helmus, Todd C
Robinson, Professor of Modern History Eric (University of Massachussetts at Boston)
Baruffi, Isaac
Bradley, Melissa A
Card, Kurt
Loa, Kathleen
Mann, Sean

978 0 8330 9669 2
Publication date:
27 February 2017

Dictators Without Borders: Power and Money in Central Asia

Cooley, Alexander
Heathershaw, John

978 0 300 20844 3
Publication date:
3 February 2017


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