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Journalism for Social Change in Asia: Reporting Human Rights

Scott Downman, and
Kasun Ubayasiri

978 1 349 95178 9
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Publication date:
21 August 2017

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This book explores the role and purpose of journalism to spark and propagate change by investigating human rights journalism and its capacity to inform, educate and activate change. Downman and Ubayasiri maximize this approach by proposing a new paradigm of reporting through the use of human-focussed news values. This approach is a radical departure from the traditional style that typically builds on abstract concepts. The book will explore human rights journalism through the lens of complex issues such as human trafficking and people smuggling in the Asian context. This is not just a book for journalists, or journalism academics, but a book for activists, human rights advocates or anyone who believes in the power of journalism to change the world.

Table of contents: 

Chapter 1: Journalism for Social Change in Human Rights Journalism .- Chapter 2: Human Rights as a news value .- Chapter 3: Advocacy journalism, social media and citizen reporters: Chapter 4: Human trafficking, people smuggling, refugee migration and the media .- Chapter 5: Smuggled or trafficked: the story of the Rohingya .- Chapter 6: Human Right reporting, war crimes and refugee migration .- Chapter 7: A human rights approach to media coverage of human trafficking .- Chapter 8: Multiple narratives - truths and spin of human trafficking .- Chapter 9: Multidimensional approach to human rights reporting in the digital age.


Scott Downman is a Journalism Lecturer at the University of Queensland. Scott has worked in anti-human trafficking project in Southeast Asia for more than a decade.

Kasun Ubayasiri is a Journalism Lecturer at Griffith University, and a former Sri Lankan journalist with a special interest in human rights and conflict reporting.




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