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Social classes

Western Foundations of the Caste System: 2017

Shah, Dr. Prakash
Jalki, Dunkin
Pathan, Sufiya
Farek, Martin

978 3 319 38760 4
Publication date:
22 June 2017

Marginalization in Globalizing Delhi: Issues of Land, Livelihoods and Health: 2016

Acharya, Sanghamitra Shee
Punia, Milap
Sen, Sucharita
Reddy, Sunita

978 81 322 3581 1
Publication date:
8 December 2016

Caste and Race in India

Ghurye, G. S.

978 93 86042 27 9
Publication date:
2 September 2016

Dalits: Past, Present and Future

Teltumbde, Anand

978 1 138 68875 9
Publication date:
24 August 2016

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